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You can trust Dr. Pignataro with treating your foot related issues effectively. Come to Pignataro Family Chiropractic in Richland, MI to get treated for common ailments such as heel pain and more.

Plantar fascial release technique

How does the technique work?

Plantar fascia is the tissue, which connects your heel to your toes. Wearing improper footwear, being overweight or flat and arched foot, among other things, can damage this tissue. Regular damage results in scar tissues, which in turn reduces its flexibility. This ends up causing all sort of problems, including inducing severe heel pain.

Plantar fascia release technique helps by breaking up the scar tissues and adhesions. It also helps your body grow more linear flexible tissue, which makes your plantar fascia grow stronger. It also makes the tissue flexible again. This technique is usually suggested along with other home stretches and exercises.

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